10 Eighties Movies that Kids Love

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Want to open up a new door for your kids?  Show them some of the movies you grew up with.  Now the graphics and effects weren’t as good then, but sometimes that just makes it all the funnier to watch.  The kids should love the story and get a kick out of watching stuff that you grew up watching.  Need a reminder of some good kid-friendly movies?  Check out 10 eighties movies that kids love.

  1. Back to the Future: This was by far Michael J. Fox’s best movie.  Don’t forget that he did Back to the Future II and III as well.  These movies are clean with very little violence.  You’ve got to admit it was great when Biff got punched.
  2. Goonies: An adorable movie where your kids will laugh at the special effects, but it’s still a funny story that I think kids can still relate to today.  The way that Chunk (Jerry O’Connell) was always being made fun of for being overweight.  He always tried to act like he was in on the joke, when all it did was hurt his feelings.  Kids can relate to stuff like that.
  3. ET: This classic film starring a very young Drew Barrymore is a heart-warming story about an alien from outer space.  The close relationship between the friends is a great example for your kids.  This movie definitely had kids in mind when they shot it.  The main human character is a young boy and the story is told from his perspective.
  4. Karate Kid: This is a kid’s equivalent to Rocky.  Instead of boxing it’s karate and instead of Sly Stallone it’s Ralph Macchio.  Again, this is a story that kids can relate to because it deals with bullying and having the courage to fight back.  It also sends the message that you don’t want to fight unless you have to.  Use your brains first before your fists to solve your problems. 
  5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  This will appeal to a little bit older kid like tweens to teens.  Ferris is always cutting school and he will get into big trouble if he cuts again, but he really want to take his girlfriend out for the day.  He pretends to be sick and he is so popular that everyone does all of these nice things for him to feel better.  The principal is trying to catch him because he figures that he’s faking it and mayhem ensues.
  6. The Outsiders:  I think all kids feel like outsiders at least once in their lives.  This movie is all about a group of kids that are on the outside of society looking in.  There are two gangs.  The greasers and the socs.  The socs have money and they attack two of the greasers, Johnny (Patrick Swayze) and Pony Boy (Ralph Macchio).  This fight ends with Johnny killing one of the socs and all heck breaks lose after that.
  7. Ghostbusters:  Who Ya Gonna Call?  This 1984 flick written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis is about 3 parapsychologists that research ghosts.  Due to some weird circumstances the number of ghosts jump up dramatically and our three main characters are forced to figure out a way to capture and contain all of the ghosts.  This movie is hilarious and your kids will love it. 
  8. Stand by Me: A coming of age movie narrated by Richard Dreyfuss and starring Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix and Jerry O’Connell.  The movie is based on a Steven Spielberg novella named The Body.  Richard Dreyfuss tells the story as he remembers it about going to find a body in the woods when he was a kid.
  9. Field of Dreams:  “Is this heaven?  No, it’s Iowa.”  I loved that line since I grew up in Iowa.  This movie is about a farmer who is contacted by a voice that tells him if he builds it they will come.  He builds a baseball field in the middle of a corn field.  He ends up meeting his deceased father as a young man and understands him better and gets to spend time with him.
  10. Gremlins: Don’t get them wet, don’t expose them to bright light or feed them after midnight.  This film does have a little violence, but compared to stuff today I think it would be fine for kids 10 and up.  Probably not great for little ones as the evil gremlins aren’t very nice.  The special effects are very funny and all of the adventures regarding trying to catch the evil gremlins is fun to watch.


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