10 Fun Games Involving Clapping

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There’s something nostalgic about seeing little kids play clapping games with each other. The quick move of their hands, the delight spread across their faces, the fact that they don’t need anything other than their friends and their imaginations as they interact with one another, hands flying through the air in perfect and effortless sync. I know I’m almost immediately transported back to 1st grade when I see things like that, sitting outside the lunch room with my best friend as we laughed with each other and played different versions of songs that involved quickly clapping our hands together. Little kids have no idea that what they’re doing actually takes some skill as they move their hands to a certain rhythm in time, which is probably one of the things that makes it so entertaining to watch.
When you’re a kid you don’t really think about what you’re saying or what the words mean. Looking back now, half of these don’t even make any sense – but that didn’t stop them from being loads of fun! With all that being said, here’s a look at 10 of the most popular games that involve clapping:

1. Miss Mary Mack
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back
She asked her mother, mother, mother
For fifty cents, cents, cents
To see the elephants, elephants, elephants
Jump over the fence, fence, fence
They jumped so high, high, high
They touched the sky, sky, sky
And didn’t come back, back, back
Till the fourth of July, July, July

2. A Sailor Went to Sea
A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,
To see what he could see, see, see,
But all that he could see, see, see,
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.

3. E-I-E-I
I went to a Chinese restaurant
to buy a loaf of bread bread bread
They asked me what my name was
And this is what I said said said
My name is E-I-E-I
Nika-Ni, Nika-Ni,
Pom Pom Poodles
Willie Wally Whiskers
My name is E-I-E-I
Nika-Ni, Nika-Ni,
Pom Pom Poodles
Willie Wally Whiskers
My name is Elvis Presley
Sitting in a hot tub
Drinkin’ Diet Pepsi
My name is Chief…
Roast beef

4. Double, Double
Double double this this,
Double double that that,
Double this, double that,
Double double this that.

5. Miss Susie
Miss Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell
Miss Suzie went to heaven
The steamboat went to
Hello operator
Please give me number nine
If you disconnect me
I’ll kick you from
Behind the refrigerator there was a piece of glass
Miss Suzie sat upon it and cut her little
Ask me no more questions
Tell me no more lies
The boys are in the bathroom zipping up their
Flies are in the meadow
The bees are in the park
Miss Suzie and her boyfriend are kissing in the
Dark is like a movie
A movie’s like a show
A show is like a TV screen
And that is all I know

6. Say, Say, Oh Playmate
Say, say, oh playmate
Come out and play with me.
Bring out your dollies three.
Climb up my apple tree.
Slide down my rainbow
Into my cellar door.
And we’ll be jolly friends
Forevermore, one two three four! (clap both hands straight across with partner when counting)
Say, say, oh playmate
I cannot play today
My dollies have the flu
Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo (cry, rub eyes)
My apple tree is dead
My rainbow’s gone away
My cellar door is locked
Forevermore, one two three four (clap both hands straight across with partner when counting)

7. Apples on a stick
Apples on a stick
Makes me sick,
Makes my heart beat
Not because you’re dirty,
Not because you’re clean,
Just ’cause you kissed
a boy behind the magazine
girls, girls,
wanna have some fun?
here comes Suzy with
her hoop skirt on
she can wibble she can wobble
she can do the splits
but I betcha ten dollars
she can’t do this
close your eyes
and count to ten
if you miss you start again…
one two etc.

8. Lemonade
Lemonade, crunchy ice
Beat it once, beat it twice.
Lemonade, crunchy ice
Beat it once, beat it twice.
Turn around, touch the ground, FREEZE.

9. Pat a cake
Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker’s man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Pat it and prick it and mark it with a ‘B’,
And put it in the oven for Baby and me.

10. Long Legged Sailor
Have you ever, ever, ever
in your long legged life
seen a long legged sailor
and his long legged wife?
No, I’ve never, never, never
in my long legged life,
seen a long legged sailor
and his long legged wife.

Most of the games are clapped to in essentially the same way by sitting across from the person you’re playing with and clapping your hands together, then clapping yours together again, then clapping your right hand to your partners right hand, then your left hand to your partner’s left hand, then clapping yours together again. As the song progresses you generally speed up the pace, repeating the basic movements over and over again while trying to see how fast you can go without messing up.

Even though many of the songs don’t have any real rhyme or reason behind their verses, they’re still a fun way to take up any given amount of free time and the joy it brings little kids is almost unparalleled. The simplicity of the game should remind us all to take a moment and enjoy the simplest of things with our friends and family. And now that you’re re-equipped with all these classic clapping songs you can go show your kids how cool you are by getting them to play with you or even teaching them a new-to-them song to clap to. And if nothing else, at least you can smile with your own memories when you see your kids playing these age-old games.

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