10 Great Reasons to Let Boys be Babysitters Too

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For most parents, the word “babysitter” conjures up images of teenage or young-adult girls. Young men are almost never considered for babysitting positions unless parents are desperate; however, there are things that boys can bring to the babysitting table that make them equally valuable to their female counterparts. Here are ten of the reasons you might want to consider hiring a boy to babysit.

  1. Your Kids Already Know Him – A boy that your kids know and trust is very likely to make a better babysitter than a girl they don’t know and aren’t accustomed to. Instead of overlooking the teenage boy that your kids know and love, it might be a good idea to approach him about babysitting.
  2. He’s Probably Not Afraid to Get Dirty – Though it’s a generalization, it’s frequently one that holds a bit of truth: boys will get dirty and play harder with your kids than a teenage girl is likely to. This lack of regard for a little bit of dirt might leave your home with some smudges, but you’ll also come home to pleasantly exhausted kids that can’t wait for the next time their babysitter comes to visit.
  3. To Teach About Gender Stereotypes – As the focus on breaking traditionally-defined gender roles grows, it’s becoming an issue that parents need to address with their children. Teaching kids that boys can be babysitters is just as important as teaching that girls can be firefighters.
  4. Practicing What You Preach – Simply telling your children that boys and girls can do whatever jobs they want, typically isn’t enough; the most effective way to get your point across is to practice what you preach. Overlooking a trustworthy, qualified young man in favor of an unfamiliar young girl teaches the opposite lesson.
  5. He’s Likely To Be More Assertive – If your brood has a fondness for running roughshod over babysitters, an older boy might be more authoritative, simply due to his deeper voice and larger physique. Without making an effort, a boy might be able to maintain a bit more control.
  6. Your Children Are All Boys – A family made up of young boys is much more likely to respond positively to having an older male babysitter. The ability to relate to their specific interests and problems might be a reason to move a male babysitter to the top of your list.
  7. There Are Budding Athletes in the Family – While there are an indisputably large number of high-achieving female athletes out there, if you have a young football star in the making and are familiar with a star high-school player, it might be a good idea to approach them about babysitting. Someone that you know and trust, and also has a shared interest with your kids, is likely to be a favorite with them.
  8. Your Children Are Physically Demanding – Kids who run fast, are into everything and capable of climbing tall bookshelves in seconds flat might benefit from a male babysitter, whose musculature and build helps them keep up with the physical demands.
  9. You Know and Trust Him – The most important thing any babysitter can have is your trust. If you know and trust a local boy who you believe is capable of looking after your children, there’s no reason not to consider him.
  10. Your Kids Look Up to Him (And He’s a Good Role Model) – Just like a teenage girl, teenage boys are likely to have their own pool of small, wide-eyed admirers. If your children look up to a neighborhood boy that you’re comfortable with, he could be a great role-model for your little ones while you’re away.

A level of maturity and the ability to handle responsibility are key elements to look for in any babysitter, regardless of gender.

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