10 Reasons All Teenagers Become Insanely Stupid at Times

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I think we all remember being teenagers, well at least I hope we all remember it.  This all important stage of life, where boundaries are pushed and patience is tested.  Even the most well behaved and most respectful kid will mess up at some time.  It just goes with the territory.  So if your teenage babysitter gets a little loopy don’t necessarily get too upset.  Instead, check out 10 reasons all teenagers become insanely stupid at times:

  1. Hormones: When kids hit puberty strange things start to happen.  No, not those things.  Kids experience this increase in hormones and boys can get into fights because their hormones are so out of whack.  Your normally calm and level-headed child has just lost their temper and punched another kid.  Afterwards they will feel bad, stupid and not really understand why it all happened.
  2. Pushing boundaries: Kids will always push boundaries, but teenagers seem to push a bit harder than other age groups.  They want to experience everything and they should, but sometimes they aren’t ready to do everything.  That’s where parents come in and should be setting limits to keep their kids safe.  How many of us stayed out past curfew?  If you are reading this then you lived to tell the tale.  We will be pushed, but we need to know when to push back and when to give a little.
  3. Becoming an adult: At first I don’t think that teenagers realize that they are becoming adults, but once teens get old enough to drive and think about college it all becomes very real to them.  They may think that since they drive and work that they can do everything that adults do.  This may include drinking and smoking.  If teens are brought up around stuff like this they will likely try it.  It’s really stupid, but they aren’t thinking about ramifications at this point.  Do what you can to raise responsible kids prior to this point and hopefully they won’t be too stupid when they reach their teens.
  4. No fear: I think there are a lot of kids who have no fear, but teens especially feel like they are invincible.  You are a teenager and you have your whole life in front of you, why would you be concerned about dying?  You wouldn’t and they aren’t.  They jump off cliffs into the water, they zip line, and they take crazy risks.  It’s all part of growing up. 
  5. Peer pressure: This might just be the biggest reason that most teenagers do insanely stupid things.  They get into a group of other kids and either everyone else is doing it and they don’t want to be thought of as being weak or everyone is chanting for them to do something.  You have to raise an incredibly strong child to hold their ground against peer pressure.
  6. Stress: The farther along in school that teenagers get the more stress they are under.  They are constantly being reminded by teachers and parents that they need to make good grades or they need to score the winning goal, touchdown or basket in order to get into college.  Often that will cause kids to take drugs to stay awake so they can study longer or to try steroids so they can be stronger and better on the field or court.  Insanely stupid and dangerous, but they are under so much pressure to perform that they aren’t thinking about the ramifications.  Keep communication lines open.
  7. Honor: If someone insults them or someone they care about a teenager is liable to do something insanely stupid.  Other teens will offer up challenges and in order to protect their honor other teens will do these often stupid and dangerous challenges.  Or if someone insults a boy’s mother he might get into a fight to defend her honor.
  8. First loves: After peer pressure I would say doing insanely stupid things for the person you love might come next.  Or if you don’t love them yet you would like to get to know them well enough to try to love them.  Whether it’s doing stupid stunts to impress them or climbing up a trellis to knock on their window teens do some insanely stupid things for love.
  9. Testing themselves: Teens are going through puberty and becoming stronger and faster.  In order to test themselves teens will do some pretty dumb things.  Running down the street to catch a ball, but not looking where they are going and they crash through a plate glass door.  I knew someone who did that.  Or running a race as fast as they can even when their body is telling them to stop.
  10. Push their parents’ buttons: Now this might have gone along with pushing boundaries, but not really because sometimes teenagers will do things just because they know their parents don’t want them to.  That’s why teenagers cause their parents to have so much gray hair.  Someday the most we can hope is that our teenager will realize that their parents aren’t as stupid as they thought and that there was a reason we didn’t want them doing stupid things.


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