10 Reasons Sitters Can’t Currently Find Work

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These tough economic times are affecting everyone right down to babysitters. The teen unemployment is at 20 percent nationwide and up to 50 percent in some cities. Among these numbers are sitters who are having trouble finding work. Besides the bad economy, there are several other reasons sitters can’t currently find work.

  1. Bad economy – As mentioned before, the current economy is making it hard for sitters to find work. So many people are unemployed and even those working are not spending money like they used to. Hiring a sitter is becoming more of a luxury than a normal part of their budget.
  2. People staying home – The bad economy also results in people staying home more, especially if they have to hire a sitter to watch the kids. An evening out with a dinner and a movie plus hiring a sitter just doesn’t fit into the budget anymore.
  3. Taking the kids with – People who didn’t give much thought to hiring a sitter before are now more likely to take their kids with them. They may still be able to afford an occasional evening out only if they eliminate the added expense of a sitter and are sticking to family oriented outings.
  4. Charge too much – The amount sitters charge could have an effect on whether they can currently find work. They may need to lower their fees to compete in today’s competitive babysitting market.
  5. Freeloaders – When people really need to get a sitter, they’re more likely to try and find friends or family who won’t charge for the services. Why pay someone to watch the kids when you can get a family member to do it for free?
  6. Wary of strangers – With horror stories of kidnappings and missing children, people are more wary of hiring a stranger to watch their children. They’re not going to hire a sitter until they feel comfortable with them first.
  7. New to the area – This makes it difficult for someone new to the area to find work as a sitter. It takes time to get known in a new neighborhood and earn people’s trust.
  8. Neighborhood gets older – On the other hand, people who stay in one area for a long time will find the neighborhood aging as kids grow older and move away. Sitters will have a hard time finding work when there aren’t any children around to baby-sit.
  9. People have fewer kids – The population is now trending toward people having fewer children than they did before. Large families are a thing of the past and sitters are less in demand.
  10. More family time – Modern families are spending more time together than ever before. Instead of leaving the kids with a sitter, they’re planning family outings to spend more of their precious time with the children.

The high unemployment rate has also has increased the competition for the rare sitter work there is available. Many teens, who would otherwise be working in regular jobs, are turning to babysitting to earn some cash instead. Sitters who really need the work have to work even harder to find clients and convince them they are the most qualified for the job. Hopefully, as the economy improves, sitters will once again be in high demand.

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