10 Reasons You Might Fire a Babysitter

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Sometimes finding a sitter at all can be a challenge, but finding a competent, reliable one is even harder. The good ones are always in demand so parents are sometimes stuck with a sitter who may be less than desirable. Parents have to be very careful who they hire to watch their children and don’t have any tolerance for bad behavior. Here are 10 reasons you might fire a babysitter.

  1. Stealing – When parents invite a babysitter into their home, they need to know they can be trusted not only with their children, but their other possessions as well. Finding out that the sitter has been stealing is an instant reason to fire him or her.
  2. Lying – Trust also extends to knowing you can believe what your sitter is telling you. Once parents catch the sitter in a lie, that trust is destroyed. Babysitters who are caught lying might find themselves out of a job.
  3. Children are harmed – The reason for hiring a sitter is to keep your children safe while you’re away. If any harm comes to your child, the babysitter will be held accountable. Whether it’s the sitters fault or not, a kid getting hurt will probably get him or her fired.
  4. Too lenient – Sitters need to be able to impose some discipline on the children and not let them do whatever they want. Once parents find out their rules aren’t being enforced, that babysitter isn’t going to be called back.
  5. Can’t control kids – Children are always going to push the limits with a babysitter to see how much they can get away with. Unless the sitter can control their behavior, this can quickly get out of hand. Parents will have to fire any sitter they find can’t control the kids.
  6. Always late – Parents rely on the sitter showing up on time and will quickly lose patience with ones who are always late. Constantly having to apologize to others because the sitter didn’t show up wears a little thin and will result in someone getting fired.
  7. Messing up the house – When hiring a sitter it’s reasonable to expect your home to be found the way you left it when you return. Coming home to a messy house because the sitter hasn’t cleaned up after the kids or herself will definitely be frowned upon.
  8. Unauthorized guests – Another common mistake sitters will make is to have unauthorized guests over while they’re supposed to be on duty. When the parents find out the babysitter had a boyfriend or girlfriend over while they were gone could get them fired.
  9. Drugs or alcohol – Parents will instantly fire any sitter who has been using drugs or alcohol while watching their kids. They can’t trust their children to anyone who has impaired judgment and that kind of behavior will not be tolerated.
  10. Exposing kids to bad stuff – Sitters need to be careful not to expose impressionable children to inappropriate behavior. Using foul language, watching R rated movies or porn while babysitting will definitely get you fired if you’re caught.

It’s never easy to fire a babysitter and parents always hope not to be put into that position. You want a sitter who you can trust and will care for your children as you would yourself. Sitters need to follow the rules set by the parents and not indulge in the inappropriate behavior that could get them fired.

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