10 Signs You Should Avoid A Babysitting Job

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So you’ve been offered a babysitting job and can’t decide whether to accept.  Having trouble telling a good opportunity from one you should pass on? There are ways to know such things, young grasshopper. Allow us to clue you in so that you may choose wisely. Read on, and learn well the ten signs that you should avoid a babysitting job:

  1. Unusually High Pay Offer – It could just be that the parents are inordinately magnanimous with their compensation offer, but we smell a rat. Or at least something squirrel-y. High pay most likely indicates a job no one else wants. Proceed with caution, and investigate thoroughly.
  2. Scratch This –  Alternately, as payment for your services, you are offered lottery scratch-off tickets and all the snack foods you can eat. This is not your lucky night, and it looks like something is moving in that bean dip.
  3. “… and a Fuzzy Navel for our guest.” – The parents invite you to meet them for lunch at Chili’s. When you get to the address, you discover that Chilly is a nudist club.
  4. Son of Scram – You ask the parents who referred them to you, and they tell you it was the neighbor’s dog. This should trigger a little voice inside your head as well, and it should definitely not be telling you to sit or stay.
  5. Parents Ask for Your Blood Type – Call us cynical, but this smacks of trouble. Doubly so if they request that you bring a pint or two along with you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  6. Barbed Wire Around the Playpen – Our guess is that it isn’t there to keep you out, but to keep the, um, subject in. If you aren’t sure, then for heaven’s sake don’t reach in. Toss over a pork chop and watch from a safe distance.
  7. Police Tape Around the House – Here’s another subtle clue that this could be a job you’ll want to pass on. The chalk outline in the driveway that looks like a Nancy Drew cartoon might also be a hint. Or the fact that you recognize the apartment complex from an episode of Cops.
  8. “Don’t Wait Up” – If the parents have luggage packed, mention Vegas or Tijuana, and leave you with money for groceries and rent, this could be a long night. Hopefully your ride hasn’t left yet. If so: 1-800-CALL-A-CAB.
  9. Dearly Departed Darla – You distinctly heard someone mutter the phrase, “God rest her soul” when discussing the former babysitter. Not a good sign. But at least they parted on good terms, right?
  10. Contacts– The phone numbers listed on the fridge include a parole officer, Suicide Hotline, and some guy named Sweet Herb. Must be Canadian. There’s a leaf next to his name. Anyway, this looks like a job for Ninja Nanny.
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