10 Tips for Stress-Free Babysitting

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As much fun as it is when everything is going smoothly, babysitting can be nerve-wracking at times. The cause of your angst can be anything from a hyper child to the stress of working for a new employer. The solution for calming your nerves in most cases is simple preparation. Here are ten tips to help keep your babysitting jobs stress-free:

  1. Clear Your Calendar – Make sure you’ve met all of your other obligations to make room for the babysitting job. Unless it’s work you can accomplish while babysitting responsibly, homework and chores should all be long since done by now.
  2. Rest – Don’t count on catching up on that beauty rest while you’re babysitting. That’s not the time for snoozing, plus you’ll benefit from a high energy level by getting adequate sleep before you arrive.
  3. Arrive Early – Show up for your babysitting job with enough time to get a proper briefing from the parents. This goes a long way in keeping everyone relaxed and avoiding any misunderstandings about your assignment.
  4. Establish Expectations – Discuss with the parents what they expect of you and the children. Determine bed times, what is acceptable regarding TV programming, snacks, or guests.
  5. Emergency Information – Preparation should include having all of the information necessary to handle an emergency at your fingertips. Avoid the stress of having to search for it when you need it.
  6. Neighbors – Get the names and contact info for nearby relatives or neighbors who can be reached if necessary. These contacts should know in advance that you are babysitting and that they are on your call list.
  7. Sugar-Free Means Stress-Free – The aforementioned hyper child may be the product of a sugar rush. It certainly isn’t in their best interest or yours to fuel the beast. Try to avoid sugary snacks. You’ll thank us later.
  8. Activity Planning – You can reduce the anxiety of keeping your charges entertained and behaved by planning ahead. Arrange for activities that will enrich, amuse, and hopefully exhaust them by bed time.
  9. Transportation – If you need to arrange for a ride to and from your babysitting job, confirm with them when and where to pick you up. If you’re driving, make sure your car has enough gas and is running reliably.
  10. Change the Channel – Scary can be fun  in the right setting, but don’t be your own worst enemy by watching some home-alone-slasher movie. You might want to put down that suspense novel until tomorrow night too. Junior is terror enough when he’s on a sugar high.
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