10 Tips for Tipping Your Top Babysitter

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Finding a good babysitter isn’t always easy, and when you do, you’ll want to make sure you take good care of her. It makes a world of difference to know you’ve got someone reliable just a phone call away when you need her. If you’re unsure about how to let your sitter know how much you appreciate the job she does beyond paying her a good wage, we’ve got some ideas. Here are ten tips for tipping your top sitter:

  1. If you’re planning to give your sitter a cash holiday bonus, a good rule of thumb is to pay the equivalent of one week’s salary for a full-time or live-in care giver, one or two evenings’ pay for a regular sitter. Supplement that with a small gift from the children.
  2. Gift cards are a great way to say thank you, and can be purchased in any major retailer, for any amount. You could buy a gift card at a store where she shops for the amount you would have tipped her. It adds a bit more of a personal touch than giving cash, and gives her an excuse to shop.
  3. Concert tickets are another alternative for your babysitter’s bonus. If you’ve got a sitter who’s been there for you all year, you might want to buy her a pair of tickets to see her favorite musical artist as a holiday gift.
  4. On that subject: another tip for tipping your sitter is to be certain that your gift is age appropriate and approved by her parents where necessary, such as the aforementioned concert tickets.
  5. Aside from a tip, you can express your appreciation in other ways. For example, if you’re having a barbecue at the house, you could invite her and a guest over. As an added bonus, invite other potential employers, friends of yours who might also need a sitter.
  6. If your sitter is available for more work, you could include a list of leads for potential sitting jobs. Offer to have them contact her, and include their names and phone numbers in a card with her holiday tip.
  7. As a way of showing your appreciation for exceptional work (taking jobs on short notice, late nights, etc.), you may also consider offering some perks throughout the year in addition to a bonus.
  8. Let the kids choose how they would like to express their gratitude toward their sitter. You could turn it into a fun project for them to create something of their own to give her, or just let them pick out a gift.
  9. As an alternative, or addition, to tipping your sitter, consider making a donation to a favorite charity. She may even be a member of an organization or sports league that can benefit from your contribution.
  10. Remember, however you choose to express your thanks, that while there are no hard and fast rules as to the amount or the type of gift, your gift should reflect your level of satisfaction in the job she’s doing for you and your family.
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