10 Ways to Cover Up When a Child Has a Potty Accident

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Potty accidents are an inevitable part of growing up. Just about everyone has a story of a kindergarten or first grade classmate that didn’t make it to the restroom in time. So when your little darling has an accident away from home there are some ways you can save face for them and cover up the evidence.

  1. Always have a back up set of clothing – When children are babies most moms carry back up outfits in the diaper bag. As the child gets older and learns to use the potty the back up clothing is no longer much of a priority, however, no matter how old the child is it’s good to have a back up outfit stashed in the car or someplace in the event there should be a problem.
  2. Don a big shirt – Little kids look cute in really big shirts. No one needs to know that the shirt is hiding a bit of a mess. Just don’t let your child sit on anyone’s lap until the problem is taken care of.
  3. Use a towel – If you manage to have access to a large enough towel, even if it is a large dishtowel secure it around your child’s waist until you can get to a restroom and do some clean up.
  4. Newspaper fashion – Dry the little one as best you can then fashion a newspaper bottom to cover up things until you get to a place to make it right.
  5. Borrow some pants – Hopefully there will be someone around who can lend a pair of pants to your child. You may have to do some adjusting like rolling up the legs or finding a way to tighten the waist so they will stay up.
  6. Use a scarf as a skirt – This will work well for a little girl. You will need to be more creative for your son, but with a few tucks and twists here and there you could turn a big scarf into a pretty snazzy pair of pantaloons.
  7. Think Yoda – Remember the little sage in Star Wars who wore a long tunic? Whether it’s a jacket or sweater or whatever, put it on the little darling and cinch it at the waist.
  8. Illusion – If you are out somewhere and there is not a way to physically cover up the problem then pick up your little one and cradle them in your arms and carry them out while talking to them and fussing over them. Make sure your not looking stressed and no one will know there’s been an issue.
  9. Spill water on the kid – So you may have some explaining to do to your child but a cup of water spilled in the kid’s lap will certainly cover up a potty accident!
  10. Buy a new outfit – If you are at the mall without a change of clothing and you’re not willing to walk around with Yoda at your side or a fashionable but short newspaper model then you might have to break down and get a new outfit so you can finish your outing in peace.

Regardless of how or if you choose to cover up a potty accident, remember that this ordeal is probably harder on your child than on you. Children want to please and going to the bathroom on oneself especially in public is cause for embarrassment. Be supportive and let your child know that accidents sometimes happen. The less embarrassment you show, the less uncomfortable the child with be with the situation.

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