100 Creative Date Night Ideas

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Whether you’re going on your first date or you’re simply trying to keep the spark alive in your marriage, there’s no denying how important dating is to a relationship. From inexpensive nights out to romantic evenings at home, you’ll find a date idea for any occasion in these 100 blogs.

No Cost Date Night Ideas

On a budget? Your date night doesn’t have to suffer because of it! Try out one of these 10 free date night ideas for a fun night with your sweetheart.

  • Star gazing. What’s Out Tonight? is a site where you can download a monthly star chart and read about tips for how to get started star gazing.
  • Geocaching. Find hidden boxes all over your city using GPS locations found on Geocaching.
  • Be a tourist in your own city. Find tours in your city, like the one found on Know Your City, to see your home town in a new way.
  • Sort and reminisce over your photos. Take a walk down memory lane by looking through all of your old photos together using tips from The Guardian.
  • People watch. Go to a mall or other crowded place and watch the people. Sound boring? Play some of the people watching games listed on Buzzfeed.
  • Go on an impromptu photo shoot. Grab your camera and take a walk around your city, stopping to take pictures of each other. Take a look at the tips on Digital Trends before you go out.
  • Have a carpet picnic. Turn on some music, grab a blanket and have a carpet picnic. Check out the carpet picnic ideas on Rugcare.
  • Take a winery tour. Find your new favorite wine together with a tour and tasting at a local winery, like the one shown on Go Texan Wine.
  • Watch amateur theater in your city. Read about the history of Community Theater in America on AACT and then check out your newspaper for free live shows in your area.
  • Take a hike. Put together some snacks and water bottles in a backpack, tie on your hiking boots and go for a hike using some of the hiking tips found on National Park Service.

Stay at Home Date Nights

You don’t have to go out on the town to have a fun date night. In fact, some of the best date nights can occur in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at these 10 home date night ideas to find one that’s perfect for you.

  • Make homemade pizza together. What could be more romantic than getting in the kitchen and feeding each other toppings as you make a pizza? For homemade pizza making instructions, check out Simply Recipes.
  • Game night at home. Play games you already own or make up your own by using questions found on Love to Know.
  • Wash your cars. Get your swimsuits on and wash your cars using the weird tricks found on Readers Digest. Water fun will surely ensue.
  • Movie night. Make up some movie snacks using the recipes from Spoonful and have a cozy night at home snuggling on the couch.
  • Finger food night. Try some of the finger food recipes on Food.
  • Karaoke Night. Use Lets Sing It to find music and lyrics to your favorite songs and take turns singing to each other.
  • Video game battle. Babble suggests using whatever gaming system you have for a little friendly competition.
  • Have a marshmallow gun fight. Make your own marshmallow gun from eHow and then have a marshmallow battle. 
  • Give each other massages. Read about massage techniques from Better Massage Therapy, warm up some olive oil and enjoy a relaxing date night at home.
  • Enjoy a fondue night. Having a fondue supper takes time, so plan to spend several hours eating your dinner using recipes from Best Fondue.

Outdoor Date Ideas

Are the two of you the active outdoorsy types? Then these 10 outdoor date ideas may be just the thing for you.

  • Apple picking. Not only do you end up with tasty apples at the end of this date, but you can spend several hours just enjoying the activity, explains Date Daily.
  • Go to the beach. If you have a beach relatively close, drive there for a swim or just walk along the water holding hands, says Creative Date Ideas.
  • Tubing down the river. Tubing is a relaxing way to spend several hours together and stay cool during the warm summer months. Find a river to tube down near where you live like Kittatinny.
  • Fishing. Go fishing and try to catch your own dinner. My FWC has tips for fishing in fresh water.
  • Find some food trucks. Do you have a food truck near where you live? The Examiner explains that you could do a tasting from several food trucks or take your food to go to another event.
  • Go to the drive-in. With the comeback of drive-in theaters, it’s easier than ever to find one near you. Can’t find one? Make one in your backyard like the one on Stay Crafty My Friends.
  • Build a campfire. Having a date with a campfire can be very relaxing and romantic. Learn how to build a campfire from Smokey Bear.
  • Go to a pumpkin patch. Find a pumpkin patch near you on Pumpkin Patches and More.
  • Fly a kite. Buy kites or make your own using the tips on Skratch Pad. Running around at the park flying kites and acting like a kid again can be a fun way to spend an afternoon.
  • Visit a festival of some kind. Take a look at Festivals to find a festival near you and plan to spend a day walking hand in hand exploring something new.

Unusual Date Ideas

Don’t resign yourself to the same restaurant you frequent every Friday night. Instead, get out of your dating rut by using the ideas from these 10 articles.

  • Watch the sun rise together on a rooftop or hill. Get up early, grab some flashlights and a thermos full of coffee and travel to wherever you want to watch the sun rise. Find coffee drink recipes on All Recipes.
  • Take a pottery class together. Find a pottery class for couples like the one found on Clay Ways.
  • Paint a water color painting. Read through the tips on John Lovett to learn the basics, then see how talented the two of you are when it comes to painting.
  • Bake cookies. There are many ways to make this activity romantic; use the recipe found on Martha Stewart to get started.
  • Share an ice cream sundae. Learn all about how the Ice Cream Sundae started, then find an out of the way ice cream parlor and share a really big ice cream sundae.
  • Traveling dinner. Plan to go to a different place for each course of your meal, starting with drinks and going to dessert. Check out an example on My Squeaky Sneakers.
  • Go roller-skating. Whether you went as a kid or have never gone, roller skating is a fun way to enjoy a date where you are practically forced to hold hands. Find a skating rink near you using the roller skating rink directory on Planet on Wheels.
  • Bring a book and a blanket and read to each other. Check out the most recent best- selling books on NY Times.
  • Go on a breakfast date. Find a restaurant known for its breakfast menu like the ones listed on Southern Living and then spend the day together.
  • Try letterboxing. Go online to Letterboxing.org and get the directions to find a specific box in your area. Be sure to take a small rubber stamp and a note pad with you.

Food Related Dates

Food is a universal way to bond with others, making food-focused date nights a great option. Try out the food-related dates on these 10 posts for some date night fun.

  • Take a cooking class together. You can check your local newspaper for local cooking classes or aim for one of the best cooking classes shared on Forbes.
  • Taste test cupcakes around your city. Pull out the yellow pages to find several cupcake stores in your area or try one of the top cupcakes in the country listed on Today.
  • Try an eating contest. Decide what you will eat, like marshmallows, pizza, hotdogs, onion rings or something else. Here’s a recipe for onion rings on David Lebovitz.
  • Host a honey tasting. Brush up on how to distinguish between different honeys using the tips on Williams-Sonoma.
  • Have a chili cook-off. Learn how to judge chili by reading The Nest and the two of you can bring or cook a couple of different types and pick your favorite.
  • Find and buy nostalgic candy. Create a list of your childhood favorites and go on a search. Here’s a list of Old Time Candy.
  • Make a tasty dinner over an open fire. Check out these recipes on Dutch Oven Dude for how to use a Dutch oven to cook almost anything on an open fire.
  • Be a little indulgent and make a bunch of carnival food at home. Whether you enjoy corn dogs, funnels cakes or another carnival favorite, you can find recipes on Food Network.
  • Make your own sushi at home. Try your hand at making your own sushi together by using the tips on Make My Sushi.
  • Iron Chef date night. Are you both foodies and love to cook? Have your own Iron Chef contest at home using the tips on Allie Shellaway.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

Whether you are planning an anniversary date, a Valentines date or a date to celebrate some other occasion, there’s no shortage of ideas for a romantic date night. Need some inspiration? Look at the 10 options we’ve compiled below.

  • Book a dinner cruise. There’s something romantic about being on the water at night. Find a dinner cruise in your area like this one at Bateaux New York.
  • Curl up in front of the fireplace. Take a cue from Divine Caroline and have a date by the fireplace.
  • Movie marathon. Rent some romantic comedies or other favorite romantic movies, open a bottle of wine and snuggle on the couch. Here’s a list of the top romantic comedies of all time on Paste Magazine.
  • Go dancing. Afraid you don’t know the current dances? Check out the top 10 You Tube dance lessons on Make Use Of.
  • Take a dance class. Learning to dance the Tango or another romantic dance could be a fun date night idea. Check out Take Lessons to find a dance studio near you.
  • Find a chocolate tasting to attend. Chocolate is not only sensual to eat, but you get feelings of love when you consume it. Read about how chocolate is made on About.
  • Attend a reflexology class. To help you find a class near you check out Laura Norman.
  • Go bowling. This may not sound romantic at first, but there are ways to make bowling romantic. Take a look at these seven reasons bowling is a smart date choice on Glamour.
  • Take a trip to the zoo. You don’t have to go at night, but you can hold hands and flirt as you walk around looking at the animals. Find a zoo near you on AZA.
  • Go on a carriage ride. There will be time to cuddle and hold hands while riding in a carriage. Find a local carriage company like the one on Chicago Carriage.

For Teens

Teenagers just entering the dating scene may find themselves at a loss for what to do. To alleviate the stress of figuring out the perfect date night, use the ideas from these 10 blogs.

  • Go on a bike ride. Bring along some water and snacks and go on a ride. Find a bike trail on Traillink.
  • Walk around an unusual museum. Find a weird museum by checking out Travel Channel.
  • Play miniature golf. Mini golf is perfect for a fun, low pressure date night where you both can just have fun trying to sink a hole in one. Find a miniature golf course near you on Golflink.
  • Go rock climbing. You aren’t forced to keep a non-stop flow of conversation going while rock climbing, which can alleviate some pressure. Find an indoor facility near you on Indoor Climbing.
  • Take in a movie with a group of friends. Going with a group to a dark movie theater can prevent sending the wrong message. Find a theater close to you on Fandango.
  • Go ice skating. There are tons of rinks around and several are even at malls. Skating also gives you a good excuse to hold hands. Locate a rink near you on Rink Time.
  • Plan a picnic and paddle boat ride. Check local lakes or ponds for rental paddle boats or look on TPWD in Texas.
  • Check out a go kart park. Ride together or separately and race around the track enjoying the adrenaline rush. Find the closest course by looking on Kart Finder.
  • Take your dog to a dog park. If you both have dogs, enjoy a couple hours of letting the dogs play and getting the chance to talk. To find a dog park close to you look on Nylabone.
  • Go to an amusement park. Riding the rides together and eating tasty food could be a lot of fun. Check out Theme Parks to find a park near you.

Cultural Date Night Ideas

Do you enjoy looking at paintings, listening to orchestra music or catching an Indie film? Sharing these things with the person you are dating is a great way to figure out if you two will have things in common. Try out one of these 10 ideas.

  • Shakespeare in the Park. Grab a blanket and some snacks and find a patch of grass to sit on to enjoy some Shakespeare. Find local performances on Shakespeare in the Park.
  • Outdoor symphony concerts. Enjoy an outdoor concert together for free; don’t forget to bring your own lawn chair. Find concerts, festivals and more at Camping.
  • Walking art sculpture tour of your city. You might be surprised at the sculptures available in your city. Check with your tourism office to find a list like this one on Red Tricycle.
  • Go to an art museum. Take a walk through an art museum or gallery, check out the artwork and talk about the pieces. To find a museum check out Museums.
  • Check out the local arboretum. The plants in an arboretum change seasonally, so you can go on a date almost anytime throughout the year and see something different. Find an arboretum close to you at Proflowers.
  • Go to a jazz bar and enjoy some mellow tones. There’s something about sitting and listening to jazz that will take you back in time. Check your city’s convention and visitor’s bureau to find a jazz club like the one on Visit KC.
  • Attend a poetry reading. Your local newspaper may list poetry readings or you can check at Poets.
  • Go see an Indie movie. Independent movies are often shorter films about heavier topics. Check out a list of the best Indie films on Movie City News.
  • Take in an off Broadway musical. If you enjoy musicals you can typically find a good selection on Ticketmaster.
  • Check out a performance at the community theater. Shows change throughout the year, so if you have a community theater troupe you should keep track of which shows they are performing. To find a community theater in your town go to Love Your City Theater.

Double Date Ideas

Ready to spend a night out with another couple? Check out the various double date ideas in these 10 posts.

  • Host a wine tasting. Invite everyone to bring a bottle or two of wine and bag them up so no one knows what they are drinking, then let everyone rate the wines. Here are some tips from Wine Mag on hosting a wine tasting.
  • Have a dinner party. If you are up for it you can plan the entire thing, but otherwise it’s acceptable to invite friends to bring some of the food. Tips for hosting a dinner party can be found on Lauren Conrad.
  • Go to a sporting event. Sporting events can be a lot more enjoyable if you go with more people; find tickets on Stub Hub.
  • Host a brunch. For something different, plan a brunch. Read more on Diana’s Desserts for tips.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt. This can be a fun way to spend a few hours. One couple can plan the hunt for the other couple and you meet up at a specified time. For more help on pulling off the best scavenger hunt, check out Lifescript.
  • Play a round of disc golf. As this sport grows, disc golf courses are popping up all over the place. To find one in your area check PDGA.
  • Go to a comedy club. Grab another couple to share a night of laughs at a local comedy club. If you don’t know where one is, check out Comedy Rocks to find one.
  • Play doubles tennis. Even if you aren’t big tennis players, you can still go bat the ball around. Borrow some rackets and read up on the rules for doubles tennis at Tennis Tips.
  • Play laser tag. What could be more fun to do with another couple than to run around in the dark shooting lasers at other people? Find a laser tag center near you by checking Where to Play Laser Tag.
  • Go sledding. This seasonal activity is limited to certain areas of the country, but can be a romantic date if you share a sled. Find some of the best hills at Sled Riding.

Low Cost Date Nights

Don’t spend a fortune every time you go on a date. Instead, check out these 10 low-cost date ideas, so you can have fun without breaking the bank.

  • Brunch and a matinee. This variation on dinner and a movie might work out better for everyone’s schedule and it’s less expensive. Check your local theaters to see if they offer specials like the one at PG Plate.
  • Put together a scrapbook of past dates. Using pictures, ticket stubs, brochures and more you can create a date night memory book. Scrapbooking basics can be found on Layout a Day.
  • Tour model homes to get decorating ideas. Daydream about your perfect home together or find ideas for your own home. Read these ideas on AZ Central.
  • Go to a Renaissance Faire together. Plan to dress up or use a funny accent to make the day even more fun. Find the closest faire at RenFaire.
  • Take a trip to a nearby town and go window shopping. There’s fun to be had by looking at all of the window displays. Check out these windows at The World’s Best Ever.
  • Volunteer together to make a difference. Whether you are picking up trash or serving food, you could make a difference in someone’s life. For volunteer opportunities in your area check Volunteer Match.
  • Learn how to plant a garden. Many garden centers will offer inexpensive or even free classes from time to time. Check out Good Life Garden for some options.
  • Take a home improvement class. Several home improvement stores offer classes on tiling, painting and other things free of charge. Check out the list on Workshops.
  • Feed some local ducks. Bring along bread or cat food for the ducks and a container of spiked lemonade for the two of you. Check out the lemonade recipes on Yummly.
  • Go zip lining together. Many times area lakes have zip lines; check Go Ape to find some of the bigger zip lines around.
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