18 Blogs Explaining How to Create a Puppet Theater

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Puppets and puppet theaters have been providing entertainment for people of all ages for thousands of years.  Kids especially love to put on puppet shows for friends and family members, and you can easily help your child assemble a theater and puppets out of items you have around the house. In these 18 blog entries you will learn how to assemble a puppet theater several different ways, make puppets out of materials that you have around the house and even create shadow puppets.

Stage Creation

You can make a puppet theater out of anything from a shoe box to a tension rod and fabric, depending on how big you want to make the theater and the size of your puppets. Or you can do it in reverse, making the theater first and then assembling puppets to fit the stage. It’s all about using what you already have and getting creative with your kids.  These six blog entries will show you how to make different types of theaters.


Puppets can be made using anything from a marker and your own hand to paper that you fold into different shapes.  These six blog articles will help you make stick puppets, sock puppets and many other types of puppets.  Just use your imagination and get crafting.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are wonderful for camping trips with kids. Shadows can be scary for some kids at night, but by making shadows into something fun you can help ease their fears. Anyone can make a simple shadow with their hand, but if you want to take it a step further check out these six blog posts and learn more elaborate shadows.

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