24 of the Best Blogs Highlighting Kiwi Recipes to Suit Even Your Kids

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Did you know that kiwi fruit is the only fruit that contains vitamin E?  Not only does it contain vitamin E, but a serving contains more than your daily requirement of vitamin C.  Kiwi also contains potassium, so if you don’t like bananas you give kiwi a try instead.  The kiwi contains actinidain, which is a protein-dissolving enzyme like the bromelain in pineapple.  If you’ve had a heavy meal containing meat, you might accompany or follow that meal with kiwi to help your body digest all of that protein.  This nutrition-packed fruit works well in breakfast options, salads and desserts.  Take a look at these 24 blog entries to find plenty of recipes to enjoy kiwi in a variety of ways.


Now that you know what a powerhouse of nutrition kiwi is, you may want to start your day out with a good dose of one, but how do you eat it other than fresh?  In these six blog posts you can find muffins, salsa and crepe recipes that incorporate this tart fruit. Take a look and see if any of them inspire you to add more kiwis to your diet.


Kiwi fruits are so versatile that you can eat them on their own, in a fruit salad or in a lettuce salad.  Try some of the salad recipes found in these six blog articles and learn the many different ways you can enjoy kiwi.

After School Snacks

Kids tend to enjoy fruit, but kiwi might be kind of weird for them at first.  Start slowly by incorporating them into a smoothie and work your way up to some of the other yummy snack ideas that can be found in these six blog entries.


You may have seen kiwi on top of a fruit pizza, but other than that you may not have seen kiwi in a lot of desserts.  For something new, why not try kiwi sorbet, a kiwi Pavlova or some baby kiwi cheesecake?  For these and other recipes take a look at these six blog posts.

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