28 Blogs Featuring Recycled Easter Crafts for Eco-Friendly Moms

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This Easter, instead of using store-bought Easter decorations, keep your kids busy with some imaginative Easter crafts using items found around the house.  All of these crafts use recycled items and containers, preventing these objects from ending up in the landfill.  Kids need creativity in their lives, and these crafts will spark their imaginations so that they can create cute projects to decorate your home with or give away as gifts.  You can feel good about whatever you do with them because not only are you spending quality time with the kids, you’re also keeping excess waste out of the landfill.  Check out these 28 blog entries for some recycled craft ideas for you and your kids.


Easter baskets are a hallmark of the Easter holiday, so why not take some empty containers from around the house and create your own baskets?  From large baskets made from gallon-sized ice cream buckets to smaller ones made from juice boxes, the possibilities are endless for the types of baskets you can create.  These and other basket ideas can be found in the next seven blog posts.


Hunting Easter eggs is an activity that every kid looks forward to this time of year, so you’ll want to create some interesting eggs to fill your Easter baskets with. Luckily, plastic eggs are in an abundance, and there are plenty of things you can make using recycled plastic eggs. There are also eco-friendly ways to decorate real eggs using things you have around the house.


When decorating your home for Easter, it can get expensive to buy everything from the store.  Instead of buying decorations that you’ll only use once a year, make your own instead!  Not only will your home be filled with brightly colored and original artwork, but your kids will have had a hand in the decorating. Spending some time with your kids making these Easter decorations will give you quality bonding time with the kids, help you save a bunch of stuff from going into the landfill and allow you to save money on your Easter decorations all at the same time.

Just for Fun

While it’s fun to make crafts that serve a specific purpose, it’s also fun to make crafts that are just plain fun. These seven blog posts are full of the kinds of crafts that the kids will just enjoy making.

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    Thank you for featuring my Easter craft, a great selection of ideas here!