30 Blogs with the Best Eco-Friendly Kids Crafts

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Arts and crafts are great ways to encourage creativity and imagination in children. What’s more, children can learn how to recycle and reuse materials while crafting, which nurtures and promotes eco-awareness. In addition to items from around the home, children can use natural items from the world around them for fun and environmentally-friendly crafts projects. There are also many practical applications for arts and crafts, which will help your child develop real-world skills. These 30 blogs have ideas for eco-friendly arts and crafts that are ideal for children of all ages.

Flowers and Arrangements

Kids can use recycled materials to create beautiful and, sometimes, realistic flower arrangements. These craftworks can be used as decoration, ornaments or company for your real flowers and plants. This is an excellent way to get your kids interested in nature and gardening, too. These five blogs have ideas for endless crafting fun, with faux-flowers, floral arrangements and trees.

Cardboard Boxes, Tubes and Paper Crafts

Among the most abundant materials available in the home, cardboard boxes, tubes and paper are ideal for recycling crafts. There is virtually no limit to the masterpieces your kids can create with these easily pliable materials, and making something fun keeps them out of the garbage. Encourage your kids’ imaginations with cardboard vehicles, houses, toys and much more, and watch their creativity flourish and grow. These five blogs contain all the hints and tips your kids will need for getting started on a crafts project today.

Holiday and Celebratory Crafts

Get your kids in the holiday spirit with some seasonal arts and crafts. No matter what the occasion, your kids will have a blast creating celebratory artwork to add to the festivities. Seasonal crafts also present the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the history and origins of the holiday in a fun and interactive way. Then there are all the creative and free gifts your kids can make using only recyclable materials and their crafting skills. In these five blogs you will find creative ideas for specific holidays; all of which you can adapt to any occasion.

Toys and Games

As most parents can testify, kids have a funny habit of neglecting new toys in order to play with the box or wrapping. With that in mind, crafting toys from recyclable materials is sure to be a winner. However, boxes and wrapping paper are far from the only materials that your kids can use to craft toys. As long as an item is safe and reusable, it’s something that your kids can use to create a variety of different new toys and games. Read these five blogs with your kids, and see what sort of toys and games you can come up with.

Practical, Recycling Crafts

One of the greatest things about crafting is the potential for creating practical and handy household items. Your kids will feel like they’re really making a contribution to the home by taking their creativity to whole new levels with innovative arts and crafts. Besides which, you will save a fortune with the neat inventions that your kids come up with. These five blogs look at ways to reuse items in a creative and practical way.

Nature’s Crafts

The natural world is full of eco-friendly materials for arts and crafts, and the benefits of using such materials are numerous. Using natural materials in a responsible way is good for the environment. You don’t have to purchase anything, and all materials are biodegradable, obviously. Nature crafts also encourage kids to go outside, interact with the environment and learn about the natural world. The authors of these five blogs specialize in bringing nature and crafts together.

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