30 Blogs with Tips Helping Kids Stay Active

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Childhood obesity is a national epidemic that can lead to a host of related medical conditions, including diabetes, breathing problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Overweight and obese children also tend to suffer from lowered self-esteem and encounter discrimination from their peers, the effects of which can follow them well into adulthood, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When paired with a nutritious, wholesome diet, an active lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise is one of the most effective ways of treating and preventing childhood obesity. These thirty blog entries are dedicated to various methods of combating the sedentary lifestyle that seems to be the new normal for American children, helping you to get the youngsters in your household on track to good health.

Limiting Screen Time

While there’s no doubt that the technological advances that have taken place over the course of the last generation have dramatically improved the quality of life and convenience for most people, it’s also caused more and more of kids’ activities to be centered around a screen that they sit in front of, rather than interacting with the world around them and exerting themselves. These five bloggers tackle the sticky subject of screen time, offering practical suggestions and reasons why you should look into reducing the amount of time your own children spend in front of the television, computer or with a mobile device in their hand.

Encouraging Active Play

Parents can make every effort to limit their kids’ screen time, but it makes little difference if that time is spent quietly sulking until those devices are returned. These five blog entries offer some valuable advice on how to best encourage your kids to get out and be active, along with the health benefits of helping them do so.

Active Game Ideas

In addition to mining your own childhood for the games and activities you participated in, you may have to be prepared to offer some suggestions and ideas for active games that kids can play. These five blogs are packed with game ideas that will get your kids off the couch, but also help to ensure that they’re actually having fun in the process.

Organized Sports

Many parents swear by organized sports, citing the social and psychological benefits as well as the physical activity aspect. Others are more skeptical, fearing the prospect of injury and the idea of instilling an overly-competitive set of ideals. These five blog entries are centered around the concept of youth participation in organized sports, and can help you make the best decision for your child.

Kids’ Exercise Regimens

When kids are naturally active and are encouraged to spend time engaging in explorative play, they typically don’t need to be placed on a dedicated exercise regimen. However, kids that are struggling to lose weight or not inclined to be physically active during play time may need an extra boost. These five blogs discuss exercise regimens for kids, offering valuable tips and advice for making the process an enjoyable one.

Physically Active Play as a Family

Taking a “do as I say, not as I do” approach to fitness isn’t likely to be very encouraging or conducive to change in your household, as children do model much of their behavior after what they observe from the loved and trusted role models in your life. These five blogs offer plenty of hints on how to get involved with your kids during physically active play, helping your spend more time together while maintaining your health together.

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