30 of the Best Blogs to Read When Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

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Some say that first birthday parties are pointless, given that the baby won’t remember anything about the occasion, but as a parent, it is an important milestone in your baby’s life. It marks her first year on the planet and as a new addition to your family. Your baby’s first birthday party gives you the opportunity to not only celebrate her life, but her future, too. These 30 blogs will help you organize your baby’s first birthday party, so that you have invaluable memories that will endure throughout her life.

Create a Checklist

As with any party, organization is the number one key to success. With a baby’s first birthday party, however, you will have a number of uniquely important decisions to make. Once you have made those decisions, you will need to create a checklist to help ensure that the party goes off without a hitch. In these five blogs you will find some great advice on how to structure your child’s first birthday party.

Choose a Theme for Baby’s Party

It may seem like overkill, but one-year-old infants often have a singular focus on color, movement or a particular show or book, so a themed party isn’t something you should dismiss as an idea. If your baby has a favorite toy, book or color, try focusing the party theme on that. She may not be able to fully communicate yet, but she is the party girl and deserves to have some fun. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at some of the examples in these five blogs.

Get Ready to Party

Don’t get “creating a checklist” and “preparing for the party” confused, because they are two completely separate things. You will have to send invites, check for RSVPs, ensure that none of the guests have allergies and much, much more. This task will begin immediately after you have settled on a theme and created your checklist. You will have to put your organizational and communication skills to the test, so don’t get frustrated. When it comes to first birthday parties, the authors of these five blogs have plenty to say. Take as much advice as you can get – you’re probably going to need it.

Baby Party Games

Activities at a first birthday party are all about balance. You will have children across the age spectrum in attendance, as well as teenagers and adults. You don’t want to alienate any of your guests, so do try to cater to everyone just this once. A mixture of games is recommended so that everyone can take part. Plus, it will make life much easier for you if you don’t have a bunch of hyper kids and parents coming at you all at once. Here are five blogs with some great suggestions for birthday party activities, ideal for one year olds.

Baby Party Food

Food choices are important since some kids and adults may suffer from allergies. While it’s hard to find party food that will suit a one year old, it is not impossible. With a little help, you can host the most extravagant first birthday party your friends and family have ever seen. Take your lead from these five blogs for the best first birthday party food.

Creating Memories

After the party is done, you won’t want to discover that you were too busy to record a single moment. A single picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and in this technological age you can do so much better than one snapshot. Check out some of the suggestions for creating those beautiful memories in these five blogs.

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