Reasons to Hire a Babysitter When Entertaining at Home

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Throwing the perfect soiree is a source of pride for many adults, and one that doesn’t have to be forfeited in the name of parenthood. Whether you’re planning a swanky dinner party, a small, casual gathering, or a huge holiday bash for the extended family, there are definitely perks to securing the services of a professional childcare provider.

  • Encourages Other Parents to Attend – An inability to secure a trustworthy, capable sitter for small children is one of the most common reasons for parents to turn down invitations to parties or gatherings. By providing a babysitter to care for your children and those of your guests, you’re including every member of the family and greatly increasing the chances of parents’ attendance. The gesture is especially meaningful to new parents, who may not have many opportunities to interact with adults but aren’t ready to leave their baby in the care of a sitter.
  • Because Adult Beverages Are on the Menu – While most adults are more than capable of having a tipple or two without descending into sloppiness, there’s always potential for questionable behavior when attendees are encouraged to drink. Hiring a sitter to keep kids entertained and occupied in a designated space significantly reduces the chances of a little one overhearing a joke made in questionable taste, getting a hold of a discarded glass, or witnessing bizarre behavior from a guest that’s had a drop or two too many.
  • You Don’t Have Children of Your Own – Party hosts that don’t have children aren’t likely to have kid-friendly homes; in the interest of keeping your pint-sized guests entertained and your fragile items safe, it’s wise to hire a sitter. The parents on your guest list will be impressed by your thoughtfulness, making them more likely to attend and proclaim your party a success.
  • The Kids are the Guests of Honor – Babysitters aren’t just for keeping little ones out of sight and out of mind at a grown-up party; they can also provide valuable assistance when the kids are the focus. Birthday parties and other shindigs that cater to the smaller set are more easily managed with an extra pair of hands, especially if those hands belong to an experienced childcare provider.
  • Your House Will Be Particularly Crowded – Small children are notorious escape artists, especially when crowds are so big that they’re able to slip away without attracting any attention. By hiring a designated caregiver and setting aside a specific area just for kid-friendly activities, you can ensure that kids are neither tempted, nor able, to wander away.
  • So You Can Concentrate on Hosting – Making sure that your party runs smoothly becomes more difficult as the guest list grows. Big parties with lots of guests require the host’s undivided attention; keeping your children occupied may be as simple as hiring a sitter and adding a few more kids to the mix. While your little ones are having a sitter-supervised adventure, you can keep one eye on your guests and another on the refreshments.
  • Minimizing Interruptions – Knowing that their kids are in the next room but are entertained enough to allow for some grown-up conversation can be a huge relief for harried parents. Rather than managing the guilt that can accompany leaving their children behind to attend a party, parents can enjoy a bit of a breather from the demands of parenthood with far fewer clamoring interruptions than they’d face in the absence of a trained, on-site sitter.
  • Your Party is in Celebration of a Major Holiday – Almost every parent has experienced the frustration of trying to secure a capable, reliable sitter for an event that takes place on a major holiday. Planning your party well in advance will allow you to make arrangements for a quality childcare provider on high-demand evenings, making it easier for other parents in your social circle to join in the fun.

The key to planning a successful party through the use of a sitter is to carefully select both the babysitter and the kids’ theme of the evening. Making your smaller guests feel just as welcome and valued as their parents will help them to have more fun themselves; rather than foisting them into a room with a disinterested sitter, let kids know that you’re throwing a kids-only party just for them, with the sitter playing host. For large gatherings with several children, it may be necessary to arrange for a second sitter; should a solo caregiver become overwhelmed, she will already have built-in backup. 

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