The 10 Most Popular Sources of Babysitters

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When you and your honey have a hankering for a wild night of Applebee’s-and-a-movie, who are you going to call to watch the kids. Well, depending on where you live, and what your specific child-care needs are, there will usually be a variety of sources available. Of course, if you have more than one child, the eldest eventually becomes your first choice. Until that point, however, you will probably have to look outside the immediate household for help. Some of the traditional sources, plus a couple you may not have thought of, are presented next.

  1. In-House – The least expensive babysitting is usually provided by Siblings, un-Inc. They may work for less, but don’t forget to reward the older children when they do a good job with their brothers and sisters. This can help keep them babysitting at home rather than going to a more lucrative neighborhood household.
  2. Neighborhood Teens – Other than family, neighborhood teenagers are the main source for sitters. Find out who your friends use and recommend. You will need more than one name, especially when community or school events mean all area sitters may be spoken for in a hurry.
  3. Church Youth Group – The leaders of your church youth group are good contacts for finding good babysitters. They generally know the kids in the group quite well and can make recommendations of kids they consider reliable.
  4. Area Colleges – Area colleges may be a good source for sitting help,. sometimes with the same students you used during their high school years. Colleges usually have means of posting your contact information so that interested students can contact you, also.
  5. Licensed day-care – Your child-care needs may arise during “business hours”, a time when most students are also unavailable. In these cases, you may need to use drop-in services often available at licensed day-care providers. Call well ahead-of-time to learn about a center and its policies.
  6. Newspaper Classifieds – Especially in small towns, you may find that sitters will advertise their availability in a local newspaper or flyer.
  7. Area Bulletin Boards – Most communities have one or more popular bulletin boards where people post help-wanted and work-wanted listings. These bulletin boards may be at a local library or shopping center.
  8. Grandparents Revenge – A long-time kid’s favorite is to have grandma and grandpa do the sitting. This way, kids and grandparents can conspire to completely spoil the youngsters and make sure they are full of incredibly sticky sugar, when mom and dad come to pick them up.
  9. YMCA – Check with your area Y. They often have child-care programs available, and many centers have a kids room, for when mom and dad are there for an uninterrupted workout.
  10. Other Relatives – If grandparents aren’t available, the next likely babysitter source is usually other family members. This may be one of your own siblings or it may be a nephew or niece, who has reached babysitter age and could be trusted with the care of their younger cousins.

Before hiring a sitter, a “background check” is in order, and this can be anything from a neighbor’s say-so, to the more complete investigations that a professional agency might use.

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