What Not to Wear to a Babysitting Job

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Babysitting in general is one of the more casual jobs you can have when it comes to “dress code”. For the most part, jeans and a t-shirt are widely accepted and encouraged, especially when you factor in that you probably are going to need to be able to move around quickly and without concern as to if you spill something on you (and let’s be honest, if you get thrown up on).

However as casual of a job as it may be, there are still some broad guidelines you should adhere to when getting dressed for the job. One good way to make sure that you are not offending your employers with your dress attire is to ask them how they would like you to dress. Maybe they don’t have any preferences at all. Then again, maybe they are hosting a dinner party and you will be watching all of the attendees’ children and they would prefer you dress in slacks and a nice shirt. Whatever the situation may be, there are some basic parameters you will want to stick with to ensure that you make a good impression.

  1. For starters, you have to be able to move quickly and efficiently. Kids are fast and have no regards as to if you can keep up or not. That being said, unless you’ve mastered the art of running in high heels, something that countless other girls and women have not, heels are out of the picture. You can’t sprint after a child in four inch stilettoes, which is why you should stick to flat, comfortable shoes or sandals.
  2. While that shirt advocating Jose Cuervo might be a big hit among your friends, you probably shouldn’t be wearing that to your babysitting job. Do you really want your employers worrying about what kind of impression your clothes will make on their kids? My guess is no. The same goes for any shirts promoting alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sexual innuendoes, and anything else that can be negatively influential to the kids you’re watching. You want to be a positive role model to the kids you are watching, not the reason they think it’s certain activities are OK to get involved in. And you definitely don’t want them coming back and saying that they thought something was all right because you did it – that’s a pretty surefire way to not get hired again.
  3. In sticking with the positive role model theme, you should avoid the short shorts and low-cut shirts. You are on the job, and while it is a more casual dress job, you still need to be mindful of what you are wearing to your job is modest enough to fall on the side of respectful, versus risqué.
  4. Be conscious of your jewelry. There is not much worse than having a long, dangling earring or necklace ripped off of you by an unknowing infant or toddler who is intrigued by the way it dangles. Little kids are curious by nature and love to pull on everything, especially the things they’re not supposed to.
  5. Leave the expensive clothes, shoes and accessories for date night… your date night that is, not your employers date night. With kids being as unpredictable as they are, you never know when you’ll have food flung on you or a child get sick all over your $300 shoes. You have to be prepared for the worst to happen, not the best, so t-shirts and jeans are a much safer bet. A change of clothes is good to have on hand as well.
  6. In the same respect, you might want to steer clear of white. Kids like to get dirty. This means you, in turn, will probably be getting dirty as well. Can you really refuse building a sand castle in the sandbox outside? Doubtful. And why would you want to, babysitting is one of the few jobs where it’s acceptable to play like a kid again! What you don’t want is dirt, mud or food staining your shirt. Which is why white is a bad option.
  7. You should also skip the heavy perfumes and scented products. You never know when someone is going to be highly sensitive or allergic to something, so it’s better to err on the side of caution.
  8. Likewise, you should try to wear minimal makeup and nail colors and forgo the crazy hairstyles. You want everyone to be comfortable (kids and parents alike) with you taking care of their child. So unless you know the parents and the kids really well and they already are accustomed to outrageous hair and makeup, it’s better to aim for the more conservative look.

If you have any doubts about your outfit, ask your parents if they would think it was appropriate for someone babysitting you to wear what you’re wearing. If you are unsure if something is too risqué or not, chances are it would be better to go with a different outfit. All in all, it is probably a safer idea to wear something that is a little more conservative versus something that could cause a commotion.

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