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For many parents, securing a qualified babysitter is a difficult task. Managing kids, work and home can leave little time to enjoy a fun night out on the town, never mind finding a babysitter to actually take advantage of one.

Enter online babysitter recruiting websites. Online babysitter recruiting websites allow parents and babysitters to connect on their timetables and on their terms. Parents are able to create their own profile advertising their babysitting job, browse babysitter profiles, or do both.  Since parents are in charge of their own babysitter search, they can create personalized criteria and only engage sitters who meet or exceed their individual parameters.

With reputable online sites, parents have access to both resources and screening tools, such as sample interview questions and background checks, which can help them hire the right babysitter for their family. The more information parents can gather about potential babysitters, the more educated and informed their babysitter selection can be.

Since many online babysitting sites also have online apps, managing your babysitting search can be even more convenient. Whether you’re sitting in the carpool pickup line (engine off, of course) or wanting to browse profiles before bed, online babysitting sites give parents access to thousands of sitters seeking babysitting  jobs at any time of day or night.

Many of the top online babysitting sites like, and offer free trial memberships and substantial discounts when signing up for their services as a paying member. Promo and discount codes are typically advertised on their sites as well.

While some parents may be hesitant about using an online site to find a babysitter, it’s important for parents to remember that, regardless of how they find a potential sitter, the ultimate responsibility to screen and hire a sitter lies with them. Parents must always take an active role in screening potential babysitters and ensuring that they gather the necessary information by conducting interviews and performing background and reference checks to help them make an educated and informed hiring decision.

10 Reasons to Use a Babysitter Recruiting Website

While some parents are hesitant about using an online babysitting site to recruit babysitters, those who are willing to do the work to properly screen sitter candidates themselves usually find online babysitting sites can be a really great option for finding a sitter.

If you’re wondering why a growing number of parents turn to online babysitting sites to connect with sitters, here are 10 common reasons why:

  1. Family and friends no longer live close by. Years ago, grandparents, aunts, cousins and family friends lived nearby and pitched in to provide childcare whenever there was a need. With extended families no longer living a stone’s throw away, recruiting outside childcare help has become a necessity for many parents.
  2. The use of using teens as sitters has gone down. Parents used to depend on middle and high school girls who started their own babysitting services to provide childcare. However, with afterschool activities overtaking the lives of many teens and safety concerns on the minds of moms, many parents have opted to hire older, more experienced caregivers as babysitters instead.
  3. Searching online is convenient. It takes time and effort to find a quality babysitter regardless of how you opt to search, but with online babysitter sites searching becomes convenient because it can be done on your schedule. Unlike babysitting agencies that close early at night, online sites are open 24/7.
  4. Parents can deal with babysitters directly. With online sites, parents can learn about babysitters before they contact them, and if they do decide to contact them there is no middle man.
  5. Using online babysitting sites are affordable. While babysitter services and agencies typically charge expensive placement fees, online sites charge a minimal fee to access their database of sitters seeking employment.
  6. Parents can read sitter reviews. Many online babysitting sites allow parents to leave reviews for sitters. Knowing what other parents think of a sitter’s abilities can help guide parents to the right sitter for their family.
  7. Parents can set their own standards. When using an online babysitting site, parents are able to communicate exactly how much experience and education they require a sitter to have. Parents can also set their own pay range and search for sitters who fall within it.
  8. There’s access to more sitters. There’s no other way to gain access to so many sitters than by using an online babysitting site. Parents gain access to a wide variety of sitters and can browse the profiles of registered sitters within their area in minutes. With propriety search tools, parents can fine-tune their search to view only sitters who meet their search criteria.
  9. Parents can search on their schedule. With online sites parents can search for a sitter whenever they want from wherever they want. Since the system is Internet based, communication between sitters and parents typically happens quickly, so there’s never a need to wait for a babysitting service to call you back.
  10. Parents are in control of their sitter search. Parents know their children and childcare needs best. When parents are in control of their sitter search they’re able to find the right sitter match for their family.

Whether you learn about a babysitter from a babysitting agency or through an online site, it’s up to you to screen your potential sitter. Don’t take short cuts when searching for a sitter. Utilize interviews, reference checks and thorough background checks to your full advantage.