Find a Babysitter Easily

Looking for a babysitter can be a stressful task. Finding potential babysitters can take time and energy, especially if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, there are several ways to find suitable babysitters.

Many parents are surprised to learn that their network of friends and family can be a huge resource for gathering babysitting leads. By simply asking if anyone knows a good sitter you can discover experienced and respected sitters in your area. From utilizing social media to mentioning the need for a sitter to a mom in the pickup line, there are plenty of opportunities to let those in your network know you’re looking for a sitter.

Babysitting agencies can also be a resource for parents in need of a sitter, especially in a pinch.  Agencies have a pool of prescreened babysitters available for sitting and can provide information on available sitters in a moment’s notice. For parents who wish to search at their leisure, do the screening themselves, and avoid the middle man, using a babysitting job website can be a good option for recruiting potential sitters.

For parents looking to hire a teen sitter, reaching out to neighbors and community centers that offer babysitting classes can be a good way to connect with potential sitters. While these sitters are typically younger, they’re also anxious to secure childcare experience and build their sitter resume.

When you’re looking for a sitter, it’s important to clearly define your expectations. Be sure to share your children’s ages and genders, as well as any special care needs they may have, so that you are able to attract the right sitters. If you require a sitter with newborn experience, for example, be sure to mention that when you spread the word you’re looking for a sitter.

10 Easy Ways to Find a Babysitter

From updating your Facebook status to posting a want ad in the newspaper, there are many viable ways you can recruit potential babysitters. To find a suitable sitter for your children, cast your nets wide and you’ll surely find the right match.

  1. Talk to your friends who have kids. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find a sitter. You can find many leads when you simply ask if anyone knows of a good sitter.
  2. Talk to teens who attend your church.  A teen who regularly helps out in the nursery or with younger children during Sunday School probably likes kids and either already babysits, or would like to. Talk to them. If you don’t go to church, you can still call churches near you and talk to a pastor or youth pastor about responsible individuals who might be up for the job. Youth pastors tend to know the kids who are responsible and might even recommend their own kids’ babysitters.
  3. Ask your sitter for recommendations.  If you have a sitter you love and who is great with your kids, there will probably come a time when she has another babysitting job the night you want her. Ask if she has any friends who enjoy babysitting.
  4. Reach out to the community. Many community organizations offer babysitting classes that include CPR and First Aid. You can ask for a list of current students or ask that the teachers include your name in their next class so prospective sitters can call you.
  5. Contact local colleges and universities.  If you live in or near a college town, you have a whole bunch of people who are looking for work. Post an ad in a common area with your name, phone number and a brief description of the job. Or, call the college and ask for a teacher or administrative individual you know and trust to give recommendations.
  6. Post an ad. Take an ad out in the newspaper or post an ad on a job website. Let people know, briefly, what you’re looking for, how many kids you have, and how often you’ll need a sitter.
  7. Scan job and newspaper ads. The reverse also works, so read through the ads of people announcing they’re looking for babysitting opportunities and call those that show promise.
  8. Visit babysitting websites. These sites tend to give you an overview of a babysitter’s prior experience. Many of them are qualified sitters and come with recommendations. They also allow you to post babysitting jobs.
  9. Contact a babysitting agency. Using the services of a babysitting agency can help you secure a qualified sitter fairly quickly. While agencies do lots of the legwork for you, you’ll still want to do your own homework on potential providers.
  10. Visit local daycare centers. Preschool teachers and aides have usually taken a childcare class or two and regularly work with children. Let them know what you’re looking for and ask if they’re available.

Before hiring a babysitter, call their references, meet them in person, and ask about their experience. You’ll also want to consider performing a background check and observing them with your kids before hiring them. Regardless of how you find a sitter, remember the ultimate screening and hiring responsibility is on you.