Find a Babysitter for Twins

For parents of twins, finding the right sitter is essential. Not only should the sitter have experience caring for children of the same age, she should have experience caring for multiple children at the same time.

While a sitter may not have specific experience caring for twins, those who do have experience caring for siblings who are close in age or those who have worked or volunteered in a nursery or classroom setting likely have the skills to be considered for a babysitting position caring for twins.

When hiring a sitter for your twins, you’ll want to be sure she’s mature, reliable and dependable. She’s also going to have to be able to implement the house rules and schedule, even if she’s ganged up on. Parents of newborn and infant twins will want to be especially cautious and choose a sitter with prior newborn and/or infant experience.

When advertising for a sitter, stating that the position is with twins will likely attract sitters with twin experience. For moms who are part of a local Mothers of Twins club or group, asking for sitter recommendations will likely yield some strong results.

For parents of children in daycare or school, asking the teacher to babysit, or for a babysitter recommendation, can also yield solid babysitter leads. Since teachers tend to know their students fairly well, hiring a teacher to babysit can often be a worthwhile solution.

Since twins have a special relationship, parents will want to provide their sitter with the information they’ll need to do their job successfully. Information about each of the children’s temperaments, interests, likes and dislikes can help your sitter to provide the best care she’s capable of giving. Providing written instructions and asking your sitter to note when each twin slept, ate and used the potty can help to ensure that there’s no lapse in communication or room for mistaking who did what when.

 10 Challenges Babysitters of Twins May Face

Babysitting for twins can bring about a new set of challenges for a babysitter. However, babysitters who are prepared for the job can do it successfully as long as they keep several things in mind. Here are 10 challenges of babysitting for twins that sitters should consider.

  1. Double duty. Babysitting twins is difficult because sitters almost need two sets of eyes to watch both children. Two kids means a sitter has to watch twice as much to keep everyone safe. While watching one, the other one can easily disappear.
  2. Feeding. Another challenge is feeding twins. They may not like the same foods, which will require the sitter to make two meals. Feeding twin babies can be especially challenging because the one who has to wait will be screaming and crying.
  3. Potty time. Getting each twin to the bathroom can be a challenge, especially if the twins are potty training. If the twins are still in diapers, the sitter will spend a lot of time on diaper duty alone.
  4. Bathing. Bathing twins will be difficult. If a sitter tries to bathe them both at once, the twins can make a mess. On the other hand, bathing them separately won’t work either. A sitter can’t take her eyes off of one twin long enough to bathe the other one.
  5. Bedtime. Bedtime presents its own challenges. It can be hard to get one child to sleep, so getting twins to sleep can be twice as hard. Sticking to bedtime routines can help with this challenge.
  6. Entertainment. Another challenge with twins is that they often want to do separate activities. It will be the sitter’s responsibility to find activities they can do together, so she can keep her eyes on both children.
  7. Appearances. A unique challenge regarding identical twins is that they look alike. The sitter must be absolutely certain that she can tell the children apart before the job begins.
  8. Trickery. Identical twins often like to play tricks on sitters, especially when the sitter may be having a hard time telling them apart. Keeping the twins busy with fun activities gives them less time to try this.
  9. Sibling squabbles. Twins often fight with one another, so a babysitter has to be ready to handle this. This best way for a sitter to deal with twins fighting is to stop it before it starts. A sitter needs to have a plan ready for the entire time the parents are away, so twins don’t have a chance to fight. If the inevitable fight does happen, the sitter should consider how to separate the two. A sitter should always be able to see both kids.
  10. Discipline. Discipline can be another problem for a sitter of twins. It can be hard to discipline one child when the need arises. Disciplining two can be hard because they can team up against a sitter. Having a firm discipline plan in place from the start can help.

Babysitters who accept jobs watching twins need a plan. These tips will help sitters overcome the challenges twins present.