Find a Babysitter in My Area

For many parents, having a babysitter that is close by is essential. Babysitters who live locally are familiar with the area, have connections to the community, and can typically be available for last minute babysitting opportunities.

While there’s a push from parents to use adult babysitters for their children, many still prefer using a local responsible teenager. In these cases, when the sitter doesn’t drive, having a local sitter means less time spent picking her up for and dropping her off from her assignment.

Since good local babysitters tend to have a well-known reputation in their communities, many parents successfully find one by word-of-mouth. Referrals from friends, families and even those in their social media networks can lead to finding qualified babysitters.

For parents who can’t secure a referral, online babysitting websites with sitter reviews from parents who have used them can be a good resource. With their proprietary search function, narrowing down your search criteria is easy, and with built-in tools and resources parents can order background screenings and review sample interview questions for potential sitters.

Some parents prefer to use traditional babysitting services to secure a local sitter. Babysitting agencies typically have prescreened candidates available for hire, although parents must pay a placement fee as well as an hourly fee to their sitter.

Local colleges, daycare centers, libraries and coffee shops are other places parents can connect with local sitters. Posting an ad or looking for ads of sitters on local bulletin boards can often result in sitter connections.

Before hiring a sitter, parents should take great care in interviewing potential candidates and choosing the right sitter for their family.

10 Ways to Find a Babysitter in Your Area

Finding a trustworthy babysitter can be a challenge. It’s easy when you have family and friends you can turn to, but when you have to hire a stranger, leaving your kids can be a little harder. Here are 10 easy ways you can recruit babysitters in your area.

  1. Use referrals.  Start by asking friends and family if they have someone they trust and feel good about. This can help you find someone who is trustworthy and good with kids.
  2. Contact local colleges.  Check the early education department at the local college to see if they have a jobs board. Students in the field may be offering their services as a way to start building their resumes.
  3. Consider community organizations. Check with the local library and YMCA to find out if they offer classes on babysitting. They may have resources with contact information for local sitters who are good with kids and fully trained.
  4. Look to friends.  If you have friends with teenage children, ask if they are willing to babysit in exchange for extra money. This only works for those occasions when you need a sitter at night or on the weekend, but it can lead you to a great sitter who you already know.
  5. Look on the Internet. There are several websites that offer information on babysitters. Refer to those services to see if you can find someone you feel good about.
  6. Ask around church. If you are members of a local church, ask around at the church to see if someone might be willing to babysit for you. While their membership in your church should not be the only criteria, it can provide you with a good starting point.
  7. View the want-ads.  Babysitters will post their services on the want-ads, either online or in the local paper. When hiring a sitter through the classifieds, be sure to ask for several referrals and take the time to check them.
  8. Talk to daycare teachers. If your child is in daycare or preschool, you may be able to find a sitter by talking to the employees at the school. The benefit here is that they have already cleared a background check and your little one knows them.
  9. Ask local retirees.  Some senior citizens are totally done with kids and aren’t interested in spending time with them. Others adore children and would love to spend some time with little ones. If you have neighbors who are retired and seem to enjoy spending time with your kids, talk to them about babysitting.
  10. Look to the Girl Scouts. Find the local Girl Scout troops in your area. Cadettes can get credit for babysitting, and they might be interested in watching your kids for their advancement as well as the extra spending money.

There are several methods for finding a great babysitter in your local area. Keep your ears open and listen for leads on those who are interested in babysitting. If you hire a stranger, take the time to check her background and references for your child’s safety and your own personal comfort.