Find a Babysitter Job

For many individuals, a babysitting job was their first job. Caring for siblings followed by neighborhood children paved a natural progression to regular babysitting jobs.

Today many individuals get their babysitting start the same way. Others, however, take babysitting classes and volunteer at local church nurseries or serve as mother’s helpers to gain childcare experience.

While some parents prefer to hire adult sitters to care for their children, many still opt for local teens to provide short-term childcare. Responsible, mature teens are depended on by many parents to provide affordable care.

Regardless of age, babysitters should share many similarities. These include being responsible, dependable and trustworthy. Sitters should also be prepared to handle any emergency that may arise. Having CPR and first aid training should be required for any sitter.

For sitters looking for jobs, it’s essential that they gain childcare experience. Volunteering as a mother’s helper or in a church nursery can help build experience. Good character and childcare references are also essential. Sitters should request written references from the parents they work for to track their babysitting experience. Obtaining first-aid and CPR certification is also important. Sitters who have their own reliable transportation have access to more babysitting jobs than those who don’t.

When looking for a babysitting job, sitters should cast their nets wide. Advertising their services on online babysitting websites, posting flyers in local coffee shops, and spreading word of their services by word-of-mouth can be viable ways to secure a babysitting job. Sitters can also look the same places for help wanted advertisements placed by parents.

10 Rock Solid Ways to Land a Babysitting Job

Adults, including college students and stay-at-home parents, often pursue babysitting jobs for full-time or part-time income. Babysitting jobs provide many teens with money for college, a car and recreational pursuits. Land a babysitting job by displaying these 10 valuable characteristics on your resume and during your next babysitting job interview.

  1. Prove your experience with all age groups. Parents prefer to hire experienced babysitters, and will pay more for a babysitter who possesses solo babysitting experience. Parents hire babysitters who will play with the children rather than allow the television or video games to supervise. Document games and other educational activities you can play with children of all ages.
  2. Obtain current safety certifications. Attend local classes for first aid, CPR and water safety certificates. Parents more willingly hire babysitters who can maintain a safe environment for their children.
  3. Own or have access to reliable transportation. Clients might not be willing to travel to pick you up or take you home. With reliable transportation and a clean driving history, parents trust you to transport their children to local educational and recreational attractions.
  4. Include accurate contact information for your references. Potential clients will contact your previous employers or other character references. Before adding a reference to your babysitting resume, obtain permission to include their contact information.
  5. Charge a competitive fee. Discern the current rates for your area and the number of children you will be hired to watch. Negotiate an agreeable pay rate during the job interview.
  6. Agree to extra responsibilities. Parents appreciate a babysitter who offers to wash dishes or clean up the kitchen after meals and pick up toys or vacuum the playroom at the end of the evening. Offer extra services on your resume or during the job interview to ensure you successfully land the job.
  7. Be willing to babysit at the last minute or during unusual hours. Periodically, a client may require emergency care or overnight care. Flexibility in your schedule increases your value.
  8. Show courtesy to the parents and children. Arrive on time to the interview and promptly return telephone calls or emails. Guard your verbal language, body language and tone of voice. Harsh words or rude behavior could cost you a babysitting job.
  9. Display a pleasant attitude. Parents look for a role model for their children, and your cheerfulness attracts potential employers. Do not criticize past employers or their children. Thank the potential client at the close of the interview.
  10. Maintain a clean and neat appearance. Attention to your personal appearance portrays you as professional and polished. For the interview, wear job-appropriate clothing and a smile.

When looking for a babysitting job it is important to highlight your babysitting skills and experience and obtain safety certifications. Maintain a professional demeanor and appearance to give yourself a competitive edge and ensure you receive the babysitting position.