Find a Babysitter Local

Local babysitters play an important role in the lives of parents. Local babysitters provide before and after school childcare for parents of school aged children, childcare for parents who need an evening out, and childcare during the hours parents work.

For families who don’t have extended family nearby, local babysitters are relied on to provide childcare that local relatives would traditionally provide. While it’s typically more comfortable to leave your children with trusted members of the family, for those who don’t have family close by, properly screening a babysitter and selecting the right one for your family can create a comfortable care giving experience.

When looking for a local sitter, parents must decide their minimal requirements for the babysitter. Parents should consider how much experience they require and if any training or education is required before advertising for and interviewing prospective sitters.

Local babysitters are convenient to hire, especially ones who have their own reliable transportation. Knowing a sitter lives close by makes requesting and securing last minute childcare easier.

Local sitters also know the lay of the land, which is important should the sitter need to transport the children to and from activities. If the sitter will be driving the children, it’s imperative her driving record be checked.

Parents searching for a local sitter can advertise their babysitting job in several ways – as they should. The more sitters’ parents reach, the bigger their pool of babysitter candidates is to choose from. Parents can look for a local sitter by word-of-mouth, by posting on an online babysitting site and by posting flyers at local colleges, churches and daycare centers. They can also browse babysitter profiles on online babysitting job sites and look for a sitter who meets their care giving needs.

10 Reasons People Always Look for Local Babysitters

If you are thinking of offering your services as a babysitter, you should keep in mind that people want sitters whose locations are convenient to them. When speaking to prospective clients, it is a good idea to mention the businesses or local thoroughfares to which you are close. This will give them a frame of reference so they can compute their drive time. Many reasons exist for parents choosing local babysitters.

They include:

  1. Location, location, location! People don’t want to have to drive all the way across town to pick up or drop off their sitter. They want a sitter who is on the way to work, or at the very least, only a few minutes out of their way.
  2. Friend’s recommendations. People tend to make friends close to where they live. It is easier to trust a sitter who has been highly recommended by a friend. Getting a friend’s recommendation also gives parents an idea of the sitter’s style, routines and cost.
  3. They can get last minute care. When a sitter lives close, it’s easier to ask for childcare coverage on a moment’s notice. Sitters who live close may be more likely to pick up last minute jobs.
  4. Local babysitters can be emergency contacts. For parents who have local adult sitters, they may be willing to serve as an emergency contact for daycare or school. This can be especially helpful if there is no extended family living close by.
  5. Parents will be in the know. If a parent has a local sitter, they are more likely to get to know the sitter and run into her in the community.
  6. Parents want a relationship with their child’s caretaker. Sometimes a babysitter becomes almost like a part of the family. Many parents want to invite their sitters over for dinner or birthday parties, since the sitter is such an important person in the life of their child.
  7. If parents need overnight care it is easier to find a sitter. If a parent works late hours and needs a sitter to come to their home, a local sitter is the best bet. Sitters who have to drive a long way won’t be willing to stay late at night.
  8. Parents don’t have to pay extra money for transportation. If the sitter is local, picking the sitter up and dropping her off if she doesn’t have transportation is a cinch.
  9. If parents need the sitter for a half day or just a few hours it is less of a hassle. Many parents are taking advantage of part time work, or work-from-home opportunities. However, this means that many parents need sitters for only a few hours, or half a day. It is more sensible to have a local sitter if you will only be using her for a few hours per day.
  10. There is no long drive for the child after a hard day. When a babysitter comes to your house the kids can nap in their own beds and don’t have to be woken up to be transported home at night.

For parents requiring a sitter, a local one can be most convenient. When sitters live in the community it makes getting to know them and know about them a whole lot easier.