Find a Babysitter Online

For many parents, finding a babysitter online proves to be the most convenient and economical option. When parents search online for a sitter, they have access to thousands of sitters in their area who are looking for babysitting jobs.

Parents can post ads on local virtual bulletin boards advertising for jobs. Many moms groups have their own groups that also accept postings from both parents and sitters providing a way for them to connect.

While sites like Craigslist also accept childcare related posts, websites like are dedicated babysitter and nanny job sites that provide parents with screening tools and resources to help them select caregivers. Parents can both post babysitting jobs and review babysitter profiles, which often have reviews from other parents who have used the sitter’s services. Many sites like also have apps that can be downloaded to mobile devices which makes searching for a sitter on the go easy.

Many parents are surprised to learn that their social media network can also be a great way to recruit babysitters. By simply updating your Facebook status or sending out a tweet on Twitter you can generate many babysitter leads.

When finding a sitter online, parents should always interview and screen potential sitters prior to offering them a babysitting job or leaving them alone with their children. Parents should verify credentials, call references and conduct a thorough background check.

10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Babysitter Online

Finding a high-quality babysitter can be a difficult task. Your child is the most important thing in your life; therefore, you want them left safe while you spend a night out. With the technology that exists in the world today, you can easily go online to find a babysitter, so here are the top 10 ways to find a babysitter online.

  1. Use a babysitter recruiting site. There are numerous websites that provide you with a list of names of potential babysitters in your area. Just enter your zip code and you can view their age, experience, qualifications and description.
  2. Call references. You should check with the references a potential sitter provides, as they should be able to tell you a lot about the babysitter. At least two references should be childcare related.
  3. Conduct an interview. You can learn a lot about a person by just talking to them. You need to find a babysitter who you feel comfortable leaving your children with, so interviewing a potential sitter can sometimes ease your anxieties.
  4. Conduct a background check.  You obviously do not want a babysitter if they have been convicted of a crime. Your child’s safety is your priority; therefore, avoid sitters who have spent time in jail.
  5. Look at their experience. They should have a resume, so you need to carefully examine it. It is wise to choose a babysitter who has experience in working with children.
  6. Compare agencies. You will want to compare the prices and quality of services. Each agency should have a list of services that they offer.
  7. Consider transportation. You should ask if you need to pick the babysitter up or if they will have their own transportation. With young children involved, it may be difficult if you are required to give the babysitter a ride, especially if you are a single parent.
  8. Do you want a male or female? Some kids respond better to babysitters who are a certain gender. You can narrow down your internet search if you prefer sitters who are a specific sex.
  9. Consider their level of maturity. A babysitter’s level of maturity is essential. Babysitters should be able to handle any situation presented.
  10. Consider their training. You need to ask if the babysitter is certified in first aid and CPR. You do not ever want to consider the possibility that something bad will happen; however, you want your sitter to be prepared in the case of an accident.

You adore your children; however, sometimes you just need a fun night free from kids. If you do not have a friend or relative who can watch your kids, there are ways that you can find a babysitter online. Regardless of how you find a sitter, it’s important to remember that it’s up to you to screen sitter candidates and choose the best sitter for your family.