Find a Babysitter Service

Different families have different care giving needs. Finding a sitter who can meet your family’s specific care needs is essential.

Before seeking a sitter, parents should consider their specific care giving needs. Families who have infants, for example, want to secure a sitter with previous experience caring for newborns.

For families with high needs children, for example children who have allergies, medical or behavioral considerations, finding a sitter who has provided care for children with similar needs is also important.

Even for families who have regular childcare arrangements, having back-up care for when their children become mildly ill or when their regular provider is unavailable can make finding a back-up provider easier.

Considering your family’s specific care giving needs and specifically targeting those babysitters who have the experience to meet those needs can help you find a suitable babysitter. When formulating your babysitting advertisement, mention the type of experience you want your provider to have. When you state the minimal criteria for applicants, you’ll likely deter those who don’t meet those requirements from applying.

During the interview process you’ll also want to ask questions that specifically address your care giving needs. If you require a sitter to provide overnight care, you’ll want to know if there’s anything that would prevent her from rendering that care. For families who require back-up care, they’ll want to know how early or late the sitter can be called for notification of last minute babysitting opportunities.

When checking references, you’ll want to provide an overview of your care needs and inquire as to if the reference would recommend the sitter for providing care.

Being clear about your expectations and the qualifications you require of your sitter can help you to ensure you hire the right babysitting match for your family.

10 Services Sitters Provide

Before you search for a babysitter, you should consider exactly what type of care you wish your sitter to provide. Searching for a sitter that bests meets your childcare needs will help to yield a solid match.

  1. Before and after school care. Many parents require a sitter who will work two shifts- one before school and one after. College students and mothers typically seek out these types of opportunities.
  2. Respite care. For parents who have high needs children, having a reliable sitter who can provide care and offer parents a time to recharge is essential. Sitters with special experience caring for children with high or special needs can be in demand.
  3. Sick care. Sometimes parents just cannot miss work to care for their mildly ill child. Many babysitting services offer sick care services to parents in the community.
  4. Back-up care.  When regular care falls through, having a back-up plan is essential. Having a pool of sitters that are available to provide care on a moment’s notice will prove beneficial.
  5. Summer sitting. School age children who are not old enough to stay home alone need childcare during the summer. Teachers can be excellent candidates for summer sitter positions.
  6. Live-in sitter. For many families, a live-in sitter can be extremely convenient. A live-in sitter offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.
  7. Evening babysitting. Having a sitter to provide evening care can allow parents to meet their social commitments and obligations, as well as have a few hours to themselves or with their spouse.
  8. Sitter/Tutors. For parents of school aged children, having a sitter who can assist with homework can be helpful, especially on school nights.
  9. Overnight care. For parents who need to travel for work or wish to get away for a night, sitters who provide overnight care will come in handy. Family and friends often make good overnight providers, but many sitters are also willing to provide overnight care for the right price.
  10. Weekend care. If parents work weekends, it can be quite difficult to find babysitters for their children. Sitters who can provide daytime weekend care are in high demand.

Finding a babysitter with a niche that suits your family can help you to find a sitter that best meets your family’s care needs. Consider your family’s care needs and advertise for a sitter who is experienced working for a family with similar needs.