10 Tips for Using Babysitting Experience on Your Resume

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So you’re ready to hit the big time job market, you want to put together a killer resume, but are a little short on work experience beyond those babysitting gigs. Take heart, because you’ve probably got more impressive credentials than you realize. At the very least, you can present them to your prospective employers in a more impressive light.

The keywords are relevance and applicability. It’s all about demonstrating to the employer how your qualifications make you the right candidate for the job. The trick here is to describe those qualifications in terms that apply to the job you’re after. Focus on skills rather than work experience per se. Here then are ten tips for using that babysitting experience on your resume:

  1. Child Care Provider – See? You sound more important already. The job title has a more professional tone, and the duties are the same. It’s not lying; that’s a no-no. It’s target marketing.
  2. Training Experience – If you’ve taught or provided tutoring as part of your babysitting duties, that is a marketable skill. List any education or certification you’ve achieved as well.
  3. Time Management – The ability to maximize your productivity within a rigid time frame is a highly desirable skill. You’ve scheduled appointments, planned activities, prepared meals, etc.
  4. Use Action Verbs – Employers screen a great many resumes for any given job. Grab and hold their attention by using strong action verbs to describe each skill or function: prepared, organized, maintained …
  5. Organizational Skill – Likewise, if your babysitting jobs involved caring for more than one child, as well as any f the above duties, you’ve demonstrated an ability to coordinate and organize events.
  6. References – Strong references as to your reliability, character, punctuality, and effectiveness in your duties are a very big plus for any resume. Make sure you contact any and all parents for whom you babysat and ask for a reference.
  7. Education – As an entry-level job applicant, it is understood that your education and general skills are to be stressed over actual work experience. Your child care experience then is simply the application of your education,  personal values and skills.
  8. Ancillary Training/Certification – List any certifications you’ve received related to your babysitting jobs, such as CPR/First Aid. Provide dates and issuing organization.
  9. Conflict Resolution – Remember that time you practically needed a crowbar to separate the Williams twins when they were fighting over who got to be Kung Fu Panda? Yes, well, guess what …?
  10. Tailor to Fit – There’s no need to write a one-size-fits-all resume. In fact it really isn’t advisable. Your best bet is to find out as much as you can about the job you’re applying for, and customize your resume to suit the requirements of that job.  Stress those skills that are most relevant and word them such that they appear applicable to the position.
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  1. Sarah says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very helpful! Wish there was more than 10!! :D